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Baseball Bat Model Types

1.    P72 Baseball Bat

Perfect for contact and gap hitters who like to have control of the barrel, the P72 model features a medium-sized barrel, thin handle, and balanced weight – ideal for getting the bat quickly through the hitting zone.

 A brilliantly balanced model, the P72 baseball bat has become popular among players transitioning from metal to wooden bats. Aesthetically, it has a close resemblance to an aluminum bat and it’s easy to get your grip wrapped perfectly around the handle.


 2.    M110 Baseball Bat

The M110 is a tried and tested bat that’s been a standard model within the major leagues for many years. If you’re looking for a balanced bat, with a medium-sized barrel that also provides great power, the M110 is the model for you.

A fantastic starting point for hitters new to wooden bats, the 1” handle combined with a 2 ½” barrel makes this bat durable and easier for the batter to swing through the zone whilst increasing bat speed. No matter your swing style, the M110 is the perfect all-round bat that will bring success to your game. 

3.    159 Baseball Bat

The ultimate wooden bat for the contact hitter, the 159 model provides unmatched control and speed through the zone. Comprising a small knob as well as a thin handle and neck, that tapers sharply towards the sweet spot, make the 159 a fantastic choice for players hitters with short, compact swings.

An ideal option for lead-off hitters, when contact with the ball is the most important thing. The 519 has been engineered to make it easy to get bat on ball and will fill you with confidence when you step up to the plate. 

4.    T141 Bat

Crafted to give hitters total balance and consistency throughout the swing. The T141 bat is engineered for contact hitters as it comes with a smaller barrel and sweet spot compared with bats designed for power-hitting – improving hand-eye coordination and giving the hitter the highest probability of making contact with the pitch.

The T141 bat is an incredibly popular style with players of all ages and sizes – whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie, this bat will suit your game.


5.    C271 Bat

Recognized as the original baseball bat, the C271 is quite possibly the most popular model of bat in the game today. With its medium-sized handle and barrel the C271 is recognized for providing supreme balance, making it a great all-rounder ideal for all hitting styles.

Suitable for players at every level of the game, the C271 bat provides any contact hitter with the best weapon possible for them to step up to the plate and do what they need to do, get great contact with an accurate outcome. 

6.    S318 Baseball Bat

A fantastic choice for those looking for a bat that can do everything thanks to its timeless style of a slightly tapered neck that is bolstered by a large sweet spot and a little added weight at the end, the S318 baseball bat is known to be commonly used by the pros. 

This medium-barrel bat has a dramatic transition from barrel to handle. The slight knob taper and short barrel-to-handle taper created an enviable end-loaded feel, enabling the hitter to feel the bat whip and easily generate extra power.


7.    322 Baseball Bat

The 322 baseball bat is a rare model. It comes stocked with the largest barrel legal in baseball as well as a strong and sturdy 1-inch diameter handle. Designed for the power hitters this bat has been developed for larger and stronger youth players who are looking for a big bang in their hits. If you’re a power hitter playing in a league that doesn’t require drop 3 bats, the 322 does just the trick.


8.    AP5 Bat

This wooden bat is built for power. The large, explosive barrel primes the player for smashing the ball out of the park. As you’d expect, the AP5 bat has an end-loaded feel to generate the power – what might be a little unexpected is the exceptional level of control provided with the addition of the tapered knob and flared handle.

Perfect for both power and gap hitters alike, the AP5 will have pitchers knowing you mean business and get the confidence flowing through your veins when you step up to the plate.


9.   I13 Wood Baseball Bat

Crafted for the power hitters, the I13 wood baseball bat sports a large barrel, a flared knob, and a sharp, quick taper – which loads more of the bat’s mass in the barrel itself.

Designed to give hitters the maximum amount of barrel whip, the I13 comes loaded with a 15/16th-inch handle, an extra-large barrel, and a smooth and comfortable flared knob. When you step up to the plate you’ll be full of confidence knowing you’re going to knock it out of the park!



10.  C243 Wood Baseball Bat

Want to feel as though you have more power when you step up to the plate? The C243 is a wood bat that comprises a thin handle and a bigger barrel than your average bat. This end-loaded bat is preferred by experienced hitters of all ages who want to feel more of the barrel through the swing.

The C243 is the original large barrel bat. Known to exceed hitters' expectations when they pick up the bat, they find themselves incredibly impressed by its weight distribution and barrel size. To this day, the C243 is still one of the most perfectly end-loaded wood bats on the market.




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